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Barcamp Bratislava and copyleft in Slovakia

Friday, 20 June 2008 · by db

Last weekend, first Barcamp was held in Bratislava, bringing up wide range of technological issues. Besides hypertext literature, ontology of folksonomy, webserver security, also internet copyright law and Creative Commons in Slovakia were discussed. Porting this license to Slovakia is still stagnating, there are two strains in author’s law holding back the process: firstly, the agreement about the use has to be officially signed by the recipient (on paper, or by electronic signature) – clicking OK on the website before downloading is not enough; and secondly, the legal details of the recipient have to be specified within the agreement, in other words, law doesn’t allow the unspecified users, eg. the public. This is actually how we found out, that basically all copylefted software and other material (CMS systems, blogs, database servers, Linux operating systems) is used illegally in Slovakia. Why? Since the copyleft is not supported by the local law, the user then works with the content under copyright, and is, firstly, vulnerable for using the copyrighted material without permission, and secondly, in case of further distribution, he or she restricts the rights granted by the copyleft license, which is in condradiction to its legal requirements. Thus it is in the interest of all copylefted or GNU GPL’d software users to improve the author’s law in Slovakia.

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