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Program :: Multiplace conference 11 – 12 / 4 / 2012 :: Brno, CZ ::

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 · by info

Multiplace conference, The House of Lords of Kunstat (The Brno House of Arts), Dominikanska 9, Brno, CZ,

– – – Wednesday, 11th April, from 2 to 6 pm – – –

Dušan Barok – Monoskop collaborative research

Monoskop is a collaborative Wiki research on media art and culture. The project examines historical developments in media art, with a special focus on East-Central Europe. Analysis of art, culture, and technology crossings from 1960s to 2000s draws upon the undertakings in experimental and avantgarde film, performance art, cybernetics, computer art, video art, electroacoustic and experimental music, sound art, media theory, and network culture. The objective is to provide a research framework for artists, theoreticians and critics to assist them in making of historical discourse of media art and culture. Monoskop was initiated by Dušan Barok and is hosted by Sanchez – Multiplace free art server.

Dušan Barok is an artist and cultural activist involved in critical practise in the fields of software, art, and theory. Born in Bratislava, he is currently based in Rotterdam where he takes part in Networked Media program at Piet Zwart Institute. Since 2004 he is involved in organisation of Multiplace network culture festival, since 2008 together with Peter Gonda he runs a free art server Sanchez. In 2004 he initiated a wiki-based portal Monoskop for a research of media art and culture; in 2009 together with Tomáš Kovács he started a free access living archive of writings on art, culture and media technologies Monoskop/log; and currently is conducting a research of history of media art and culture in East-Central Europe.

3 pm
Ianina Prudenko – Ukrainian Media Art: Twenty Years of Experience

Ianina Prudenko will briefly describe actual topics and problems of young Ukrainian art: main art centers Kyiv, Odesa, Lvov, Kharkov and Kherson, festivals focusing on media art – NonStopMedia, Terra Futura, Week of Contemporary Art, Dreamcatcher , Kiyv International Media Art Festival, Media Depo.

In Ukraine today, there is no profiled institution that would deal with education and support for young media artists. But new generation of young media artists who grew up on a computer keyboard works here and there are also young curators and art theoreticians ready to interpret such a modern art form.” (Ianina Prudenko)

Ianina Prudenko is an associate professor of the Department of Cultural Studies on the National Pedagogical University in Kiev. The curator of the Open Archive of Ukrainian media art, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art; The curator of the educational program “Curves Mirror: History of Ukrainian media art in words and moving pictures,” Foundation CCA (Kiev). Curator of media art forum “New media Ukraine” (in the art competition MUHi2011). Author of scientific articles on the media art history and theory published in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Lives in Kiev.

4 pm
Bartosz Łukasiewicz – Dangerous relations / about the term of “relation” in art on the example of conceptual and post-conceptual art

In his lecture, author will pursue relation of two artists, Świdziński a Drózdz in context of the term “relation” and relational problematics of artwork and its discourses. In addition to the lecture will be presented action-object performance on the problematics of “empty gestures”, which have been created by Świdziński for more than thirty years.

Bartosz Łukasiewicz is a philosopher and action artist. Graduated from the Warsaw University. His thesis was devoted to the philosophical and logical consequences of the ideas of Jan Świdziński. Publishes in “Art and Philosophy” magazine. He is a director and curator of already third volume of Global communication festival.

5 pm
ohana Švarcová – Black Movie
ecture with movie samples – lesson 1

Topic of lecture is autonomy of movie soundtrack within entire movie unit itself. ‘Black movie’ is designation which I mainly use for my audiovisual work, when picture retreats to background and gives space to sound. Lecture also includes look at first, strictly acoustic movie Weekend(1930) by German director Walter Ruttmann. Source of comparisons following, will be movies in which their authors preferred audio footage to picture.

Johana Švarcová is student of FAMU – faculty of Center of audiovisual studies. In recent years she is intensively dedicated to production of experimental radio plays. It is possible to apprehend this lecture as introduction to the workshop of the same name which will take place in 4AM/Gallery of architecture, in Brno (June 2012). The output of the workshop will be short movie, which will be presented in Scala cinema.

– – – Thursday 12th April, from 2 to 6 pm – – –

Mircea Dan Duta – Forgotten premieres in the history of the Romanian cinematography

Throughout history of their cinematography, Romanians have had many worldwide premieres in technical, artistic and thematic sphere. Most of them have been from various reasons forgotten. The lecture brings back at least some of these artistic contrivances and technical inventions.

Mircea Dan Duta is graduate from the Theatre and Film Academy in Bucharest, PhD. graduate from FAMU, teacher at the same university and also at Department of Film Studies of the Charles University, at present director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Prague.

Michal Murin – Recidivist palimpsest. About primary necessity of permanent vividness of dematerialized reality already gone

Every generation of the authors is dealing with the generation of their precursors differently. Pioneers are getting older and that attracts the other ‘ob-generation’ And so the history goes back to the circulation, makes itself real in present time, impasses, progressive visions and anticipations are confronted. Our role sometimes takes to find meaning of life of pioneers in the old attics and read their thoughts in new ‘graduated’ context. Information is becoming more accessible, avant-garde, so we consistently offer new, through generation search for our memories and hobbies. Intangible ideas, facts but also art are depending on constant overwriting, making it exist in present time, its reconsideration, citing and recontextualization. One african tribe considers human being for dead only after no one is able to remember him and his story. This usually happens 5 generations after his deaths. It’s hard to promise to the authors that we will write about them even after 5 generation cycle, but at least we have to try. As John Cage once said, as long as we will not do something for our teachers, we can’t do anything for us. And that’s the reason why series of books about work of Milan Adamčiak is being created and I will try to present them fragmentary.

Michal Murin is a Prešov born, Bratislava-based artist who has worked accross performance, new media, conceptual and sound art. Studied mathematic analysis and management at the University of Economics in Bratislava (MA), arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Technical University in Brno (MA), then he continued his postgraduate studies at AFAD Bratislava (PhD. in Art). Started his artistic career as an autodidact in 1983, later wrote Plays of the Plays manifesto (1985). Worked as a programmer in MUMPS language (1985-1990). Co-founded the Balvan group (1987-1992), Transmusic comp. (1989-96), Musicsolarium cycle (1993-1994), Sound Off festival (1995-2002), Lengow & HEyeRMEarS (with Jozef Cseres, 1997), SNEH, and WARPS. He is an international adviser of Rosenberg museum, and a director of Piano Hotel. Author of the @rtzoom project, 1997. Editor of Avalanches 1990-1995 and Profil – Contemporary Art Magazine. Writes for radioART. He was lecturing sound art, intermedia, new media, performance art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (2003-4). Currently he is a head of the “Digital media – IDM” studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts AKU Banská Bystrica, and a head of the “New media” studio at the Faculty of Art in Košice. Founded DigiVAF(ex) festival (*2004), New Media POINT (*2008), Performaction (*2009), New Media Art & Digital Art Meeting Point (2011) and IDM NET.DATA database. Wrote a text about Jozsef R. Juhász, printed in Budapest in 2008, and edited a book Od analógového k digitálnemu. Nové pohľady na nové umenia v audiovizuálnom veku (with Jozef Cseres) in 2011 (in Slovak).

Darko Fritz (CRO / NL) – Computer-generated art by Vladimir Bonačić

Scientist Vladimir Bonačić began his artistic career in 1968 under the auspices of the international New Tendencies movement (NT). From 1968 to 1971 Bonačić created a series of “dynamic objects”—interactive computer-generated light installations, five of which were set up in public spaces. The author shows the context of Bonačić’s work within the Zagreb cultural environment dominated by the New Tendencies movement and network (1961–1973). The paper shows his theoretical and practical criticism of the use of randomness in computer-generated art and describes his working methods as combining the algebra of Galois fields and an anti-commercial approach with custom-made hardware. It seems that Bonačić’s work fulfills and develops Matko Meštrović’s proposition that “in order to enrich that which is human, art must start to penetrate the extra-poetic and the extra-human.”

Darko Fritz is artist and independent curator and researcher. He was born in 1966, in Croatia, and currently he lives and works in Amsterdam, Zagreb and Korčula. He studied architecture at the University of Zagreb [1986 – 1989] and art at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam [1990 – 1992]. His work fills the gap between contemporary art practices and media art culture. His research on histories of international computer-generated art resulted in several publications and exhibitions that went public since 2000, when he curated the world’s first historic retrospective exhibition of the field. He has curated numerous exhibitions and edited companion exhibition catalogues for print and web publication, including I am Still Alive (early computer-generated art and recent low-tech and internet art), Zagreb, 2000; CLUB.NL – contemporary art and art networks from the Netherlands, Dubrovnik, 2000; Bit International – Computers and Visual Research, [New] Tendencies, Zagreb 1961—1973, Neue Galerie, Graz, 2007 and ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2008; Reconstruction: private=public=private=public=, Belgrade, 2009 and Angles and Intersections (co-curated with Christiane Paul, Nina Czegledy, Ellena Rosi and Peter Dobrila), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, 2009. As editor for media art at net portal Culturenet (since 2002), he edited related database and published “A Brief Overview of Media Art in Croatia (Since the 1960s)”. In 2010 he start the research on the beginning of computer-generated art in the Netherlands, awarded by the grant by the Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam. Fritz is founder and programmer of the grey) (area – space of contemporary and media art since 2006. He is member of AICA -International Association of Art Critics,

Juraj Ďuriš, Miroslv Tóth (SK) – Experimentálne štúdio SRo Bratislava

Juraj Ďuriš and Miroslav Tóth prepared short excursion into the history of slovak electroacoustic music. In lecture, they focus on the methods of composition in Experimental studio of Slovak national radio in 70’s of 20th century.

Juraj Duris graduated at the Slovak Technical University in 1978 and since then he has been working at the Experimental Studio of Radio Bratislava. He achieved his music and composition education through private studies. He participated in creation of several electroacoustic compositions and produced a number of his own projects. He participates in several intermedia activities and computer art projects in Slovakia and outside. He was working at Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio as Programme adviser and specialist for electroacoustic and computer music.

Miro Tóth is a composer, performer, and saxophonist. He creates film music, sound footage for video art, and music compositions, and is involved with research of music history from 20th century to contemporary music, including jazz, experimental music, metal, hardcore, punk, and noise music.

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