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Transformers Multiplace Night @ Budapest

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 · by maxigas

Videotron Remote Control Hummer

We faced Friday night in full gear — a 100 meter UTP cable, a 33 meter VGA cable, four boxes and two projectors, 3 cameras and the UPC backbone hooked up unto our linksys. Making our own television by picking up and generating streams was a lot of radiohead fun. Last night we tested the equipment with streams from Brno and Reykjavik, and tonight we routinely jacked into the netmusik presentation in Bratislava, undermixed from another computer by the noise from a laptop performer in Brno. We put a monitor on a chair in front of the gallery, broadcasting ourselves onto the street, attracting a wild mix of people. Apart from artist friends popping in we had techical audience — an ex-MIT person who taught LISP at Chicago and now making a company in his native Hungary; translocal audience — two guys from Brno who were amazed by us keeping track of their home town in real time audiovisuality; neighbourhood people — who told us we need to get some Coke automats for the gallery to be more attractive; and bullies — walking in after 11pm, five of them big mountains, and asking if they can have the toy car with (or without) the camera as a present.

The smallest cinema in Budapest (for three people) was full when i presented multiplace teleport site specific but at the same time netbased new media installation by PsyShip Medialab. This time the site specific computer game level was not pixel-drawn but chalked on the wet walls of the cinema, and only the creatures’ coming and going was animated and illuminated by a projector. We met the virtual Peta Michalek coming from the installation at Bratislava’s A4 and marvelled
at the fusion of hightech/lowtech layers. Eventually we tested the remote control remote control car, watching the projection of the stream from the wifi webcam mounted on the top of the toy car and steering with the radio remove control from one room and falling off the hillside trackbuilt from corroded metal shelves into concrete
chasms in the other. Styrofoam forms obstructed the way and we could barely brake through to the last room, but then we decided to take the street out in the open… the experiment another step towards the Transformers Hacklab robot building project Videotron.

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