RogueWaves presents: SHARE Media Cirkus with Live Streaming
  Trains Disperse The Clouds

18. April 2009 19h, Water sewage in Bubeneč, CZ_Prague
18. April 2009 19h, Gallery 12, CZ_Zlín
Franziska Mayr-Keber, Marc Muncke, Rich Loop Panciera, Nik Suchentrunk, Elsa Vieira (PT/US), Aleš Zemene (CZ), Marek Ďuriš (CZ), Nikola Gedeonová (CZ), Ivo Mathé (CZ), Ondra Volek (CZ), open participation
Roguewaves, Školská28 (support)
performance, streaming

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START: 7pm until late

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SHARE is an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. SHARE furnishes the amplification and projection. SHARE happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world. Please bring with you your audio and video instruments, computers, cables and anything else you would like to SHARE so that you can participate. More info at:

Short interview with Elsa Vieira, the organiser:

1. What is the Share story? Who are the people behind Share? And how come you all come to Prague?! :)

Share is an open jam, not just for digirati, but for all new culture lovers. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. Our volunteer organizers furnish the amplification and projection. Share was founded in 2001 in NYC by Barry Manalog, geoffGDAM and Newclueless and provides an open forum, in real life, for data exchange and media performance. Patrons are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely, giving each other feedback, catalyzing development of techniques and philosophies in new media. Share, which currently has a presence in many cities worldwide, has already been in Prague and so there is a precedent for this incarnation. Basically, Elsa Vieira, one of the NYC volunteer organizers, met up with Milos Vojtechovsky of iim and Skolska gallery (one of the original founders of SHARE.TAZ in Prague)a few months ago when she was in Prague and Milos suggested she also meet Magde Kobzova of Multiplace. It was this meeting with Magde that sowed the seeds for the current SHARE Media Cirkus event as part of the Multiplace Festival. And by the way, the "Media Cirkus" part of the name was not my idea, but was suggested by Martin Janícek, another artist I met in Prague on one of my visits, when he found out it was to be held in a tent.

2. Share is about open participation in order to bring together different creative communities. Some people can find it not that easy just to come, plug in, and immediately play together with 'strangers'. How does it work in practise?

In practice, that is the whole point; the openness to relate to a complete "stranger" as you say, in a temporary, free creative zone. No-one is forced to participate but no-one is ever turned away either; it is completely voluntary, so that if someone does not feel comfortable playing with others in this setting, then that person does have to not is really about self-regulation and self-determination while at the same time watching and listening to the others around you and trying to create a space together; whether that means participating as a "player" or just being a part of the group by sharing ideas, etc.

3. What role does the audience, the public play for you in Share?

Well, there really is no "audience" per se in the traditional sense of the word. We try to minimize as much as possible the division between "artist" and "public". There is no stage and sometimes it is really difficult to know who is doing what. The guy with the laptop and the intense gaze at his screen may be only checking his email, while the woman engaged in a lively conversation with someone else near the bar, may have her patch going on her computer and so is actually one of the people "playing". The idea is that we are all equal elements of the group; whether it is a temporary or ongoing community. Everyone plays their part when and how they wish, and pretty much determines their own role in the group...there is no-one to say hey, you do/are this and you are not/do not do decide for yourself who you are and what you do - I would hope people would always approach this with some degree of respect for the others around.

18. April 2009 18h, Zlín-střed train station, CZ_Zlín
Markéta Cilečková (CZ)
Barbora Šedivá
Sound trip and network performance.

Markéta Cilečková records and mixes sounds, atmosphere and the energy of train stations, trains and roads that connect the different locations where Multiplace takes place. After its start in Brno, she will play ‘her journey’ in Bratislava and in the station, Zilina – Zariecie. She will come via Zlín back to Brno to start her Electrojam.

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