Trains Disperse The Clouds

15. April 2009 20h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
17. April 2009 18h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
18. April 2009 18h, Zlín-střed train station, CZ_Zlín
19. April 2009 15h, Fléda Club, CZ_Brno
Markéta Cilečková (CZ)
Barbora Šedivá
Sound trip and network performance.

Markéta Cilečková records and mixes sounds, atmosphere and the energy of train stations, trains and roads that connect the different locations where Multiplace takes place. After its start in Brno, she will play ‘her journey’ in Bratislava and in the station, Zilina – Zariecie. She will come via Zlín back to Brno to start her Electrojam.


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