The Brno House of Arts
Home Venue: The House of Lords of Kunštát
Multiplace Opening, Filip_Richtr_Peloušek, Remake Talks, Remake Talks
The House of Arts exhibition programme aims to present significant local representatives of contemporary art, and to inform the public about the latest achievements on the international scene, mainly in the related European context. An important role has been played by a cultural-political orientation to the so-called Eastern Art as well as to a thematic focus on photography and architecture. The exhibition programme also includes literary evenings, concerts, lectures and talks with artists. Animations and educational events with pupils and students of Brno schools are held in cooperation with the Faculty of Education. Masaryk University in Brno.

The House of Arts /Central building/, Malinovského nám. č. 2
The House of Lords of Kunštát, Dominikánská č. 9
Gallery G99 - independent part

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