Remake Talks
04. May 2011 17 - 20h, The Brno House of Arts, CZ_Brno
Václav Peloušek (CZ), Ondřej Merta (CZ), Standa Filip (CZ), Víctor Mazón (ES/DE), Balász Kovácz alias Xrc (HU)
The Brno House of Arts
presentation, performance
Original remakes, being presented in Bratislava and Brno by Tomáš Hrůza (vs. Ryoji Ikeda), Václav Peloušek (vs. Václav Jíra), Ondřej Merta (vs. Nam June Paik) and Standa Filip (vs. Standa Filip). Following these heroes of the local scene, next up will be foreign guests: Projects by Victor Mazon (ES/DE, are based on analogue synthesis of sound and image, the capture of Wi-Fi data, or the use of biological material. Media activist and sound artist Balász Kovácz alias Xrc (HU,, teacher and co-founder of PTE-MK Institute for Media and Applied Arts in Pécs, will start his one month residency at 4AM Media Lab with his presentation, while leading workshops on working with Arduino and interactive sonification.
Balázs Kovács / Xrc, a sound artist from Hungary.

Balázs Kovács, PhD


* 2010- PTE-MK DLA programme in audio-visual arts, Pécs
* 2005-2009. ELTE-BTK PhD programme in aesthetics, Budapest
* 1998-2003. PTE-BTK philosophy MA programme, Pécs
* 2002. PTE-TTK linux system administration


* 2008- PTE-MK Institute for Media and Applied Arts, Pécs: professor assistant
* 2006-2007 Cigány Szociális és Művelődési Módszertani Bázis, Pécs: project manager
* 2006- head of the Periszkóp Rádió station, Pécs
* 2005-2006 Közelítés Művészeti Egyesület, Pécs: project manager
* 2003- head of the Moiré Association for Culture

Artistic activity:

* sound works
* interactive installations
* visual works

Theoretic activity:

* teaching, workshops, lectures
* publications, see for complete list


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