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Multiplace GPS-Trans 10
17. apríl 2009, verejný priestor, PL_Krakow
Marek Choloniewski
performance, streaming
Network performance.

Mix zvukov a obrazov zaslaných z miest, zapojených do tohto ročníka Multiplace, vás pozývame sledovať na webstránke festivalu alebo priamo v uliciach Krakova.


Multiplace GPS-Trans 10

Dear partners of Multiplace festival

please send us:

- audio
- photo
- video

materials from the streets of your cities: surroundings, environments, passages, crossviews, focuses, snapshots, explorations etc. / they should be most characteristic, significant, strange, unusual, strong, unknown with the descriptions where they are from the best with the names and coordinates available on the Google Maps. / they will be used as a audiovisual maps of the cities

Krakow material will be controlled live by the car with GPS-system, and mixed with the materials from other Multiplace cities.

We will mix them all on the multiple screens and make them available in form of webcast stream on April 17 at the

Marek Choloniewski
GPS-Art coordinator
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