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Dispositif de Mediation Augmentee
05. máj 2011, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, FR_Nantes
DMA engages a space for the re-appropriation of digital technologies by museums and galleries. Developed by Thomas Bernardi (artist, coder) with the support of PiNG, DMA intends to interrogate the concept of the device itself, experimenting and stimulating a space for research on digital artefacts in a museum environment. Visitors are asked to navigate the exhibition with an « augmented glance » through a phone camera and a documented database which provide, in real-time, keys of comprehension to the artworks presented around them.

DMA will be presented and first tested on Thursday 5th of May during the current exhibition Le Théâtre des Passions. Visitors will be invited to experiment with DMA on site from 5th to 22nd of May.
DMA is a free device developed under eGPL licences. The project is supported by PiNG, the new media resource centre based in Nantes, a partner of the REMAKE project.

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