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The Lost Horse Gallery evening
02. – 07. máj 2011, The Lost Horse Gallery, IS_Reykjavík
Kria Brekkan (IS), Auxpan, Thizone, Örn Bárður Arnarson, Alexander Zaklynsky, Ninna Thorarinsdottir
The Lost Horse Gallery
inštalácia, performance

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Lost Horse Gallery will be opened on Monday the 2nd of May with the construction of an installation of interactive sound and video elements. The installation is open to participants and throughout the week, a series of musical and visual experiments will be undertaken by various collaborating artists. The schedule is available at

Kria Brekkan: Concert & Performance
Auxpan: Tape Delay Symphony
Thizone: Beats and sizzles
Örn Bárður Arnarson & Alexander.Zaklynsky: Audio – Video Manipulation Installation
Ninna Thorarinsdottir: Installation and Performance with "the Dancing Dress"

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