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Thu Dec 21 11:25:31 CET 2006

na transmediale sa bude o.i. debatovat ci je este na nieco dobry

9. Panel: Media Art Undone
Saturday, 3.2. 2007, 15.00 hrs, Akademie Hanseatenweg, Studio 1

The participants of this panel discuss questions concerning the field
and the term 'Media Art'. Is it time to let go of the label 'media art'
altogether, and to strive for a re-inscription of media-based art
practices into broader art discourses? Are the definitions of media art
and media cultural practices still valid that used to justify their -
positive and negative - discrimination?
Moderator: Miguel Leal (pt)
Participants: Diedrich Diederichsen (de), Inke Arns (de), Olia Lialina
(ru/de), Timothy Druckrey (us)


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