The Nitra Gallery
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The Nitra Gallery in Nitra was founded in 1965. Since 1965 the gallery is based in the former zhupa house which is a cultural monument and is a part of the urban monument reserve. This baroque building was constructed in 1784 on earlier foundations and in 1874 rebuilt into neo-baroque style according to projects of the architect Dümmler. In 1905 – 1908 architect Czigler rebuilt the building into a four-winged palace in art nouveau style both in the interior and exterior. The zhupa house is a significant part of the relicts reservation and is located at the entrance to the Nitra Upper Town.

Our programs nowadays aim at developing the visual art history research and presenting a current Slovak visual art in three exposition rooms where each of them represents a particular thematic field.

We organize wide scope of cultural events and activities for public aimed at bringing contemporary arts closer to the people.

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