Ben Frost (AU/IS), BIOS (SK)
Ben Frost (AU/IS), BIOS (SK)
A4 – Associations for contemporary culture
concert, performance
Ben Frost’s current setup requires not only a guitar and electronic equipment but also a ton of other equipment. Apart from a powerful aesthetic experience, the audience can also expect a physical one, triggered by sub-bass vibrations from speakers and feedback. Frost’s surprising musical textures choose the best from minimalism, ambient, post-punk, black-metal and noise influences: his appearance was certainly the ‘most corporeal performance’ at the prestigious Sónar festival in Barcelona. Before that, BIOS audiovisual project from Košice will introduce a fresh programme ‘remaking’ historical experimental films. The concert will be followed by a party with A4 + Stanica resident DJs.

BIOS is an audiovisual project formed in March 2010. The duo are former students of the Faculty of Arts TU (Kosice, Slovakia) Studio of Printmaking and experimental media: Boris Sirka (audio) and Jozef Tušan (visual). Conceptually, the BIOS tends to black metal, industrial, drone and dark ambient follows their visual, covers, corpsepaintings, horror, gothic and exorcism.

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