02. – 04. May 2011, Gallery Enter, SK_Bratislava
David Strang (UK) (workshop facilitator), Vincent van Uffelen (UK) (workshop facilitator)
David Strang and Vincent van Uffelen will lead a workshop starting from the installation by Nam June Paik, Random Access (1963). This time however, the network of strips of magnetic tape will not be randomly played simply based on the viewer’s decision – the installation will be infiltrated by completely new circumstances and technologies. Daily from 11am to 5pm. The outcome of the workshop will be presented by participants on Thursday night in Enter. Register at

"«Random Access Music»
Since the early 1950s, avant-garde composers have been using magnetic tape to obtain a spectrum of sounds far exceeding the canon of conventional instruments. Obviously, musical notation was worthless in such cases, and Cage developed randomly determined, graphical scores allowing various noises to be assembled into complex tape compositions. In this tape installation, Paik went one step further: the visitor can use the sound head, which has been detached from the tape recorder, to interactively run through the tapes glued to the wall, and constantly vary the sound sequence according to location and speed. This random access to the musical raw material enabled visitors to produce compositions of their own."

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