AltArt Foundation
War of the Worlds
The AltArt Foundation (AltArt) promotes digital culture and contributes to the development of effective policies aimed at cultural development.
Through its activities the foundation supports the promotion of digital culture and the innovative approaches of the arts from both artists and audiences. The foundation is involved in the development of cultural policies contributing to strengthening the Romanian cultural sector and recognition of the impact of culture on societal development. Its projects involve development of interactive platforms, a series of mixed reality events exploring new cultural dimensions through the use of internet and new technologies, interdisciplinary projects combining new technologies with traditional forms of art, workshops, exhibitions, live art events etc. AltArt has recently opened in Cluj-Napoca a centre for arts and technologies, the first of its kind in Romania, with the view to offer resources in the field of digital culture through a documentation collection, open workshops and a showcase of European new media arts projects. Its activity also focuses on cultural learning and ICT literacy as well as on the professional development of artists and cultural managers.

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