Mulitouthere / Electronic Literature
04. May 2011 18h, midl_space, SK_Bratislava
Mariusz Pisarski (PL), Dawid Marcinkowski (PL), Perfokarta (PL), Tachykardia (SK), Chaosdroid (SK), Drakh (SK)
presentation, screening, performance, lecture
Multimedia literary performances, which you can read/see/hear, work in space, connecting people and places, and are rooted in the Polish and Slovak environment. Electronic literature calls for “multisensory reading”, is interactive, playful and in this case follows the voice of singing mermaids in real time. Mariusz Pisarski will introduce the concept of e-lit in the Polish cultural context. You will swim in the waters of narrativity in the direction of Dawid Marcinkowski and his interactive film Sufferosa. Splash! Following the Polish shower Re:Call by the Brombosz-Podgórni duo (Perfokarta members), l : * ttter-I'm_in > 1 will finally pour a bucket-full of TJ-ing, VJ-ing and DJ-ing on you with the taps in the hands of Chaosdroid, Tachykardia and Drakh.

18.00-18.50 Mariusz Pisarski: Kyberpoézia v Poľsku / lecture
18.50-19.20 Discussion
19.30-20.30 Dawid Marcinkowski: Sufferosa / presentation of interactive film
20.30-21.30 Roman Bromboszcz + Łukasz Podgórni: Re:Call / performance
21.30-22.30 Tachykardia + Chaosdroid + Drakh: l : * ttter-I'm_in > 1  / performance

"Strategies of interactivity. On Polish cyberpoetry and the languages of new media"


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