Multiplace Expo
02. 19h – 07. May 2011, Gallery Enter, SK_Bratislava
David Strang (UK), Vincent van Uffelen (UK), Tač.ka (BIH), Jan Nálepa (CZ), Jiří Suchánek (CZ), Václav Peloušek (CZ), Ocusonic (IE), Víctor Mazón (ES/DE)
The Multiplace festival was this year able to secure Gallery Enter with its new, informal and unseen space in the centre of Bratislava. At MULTIPLACE EXPO, you will find a selection of fresh media installations, a workshop, and during two festival evenings, the gallery’s historic building will host live performances by several artists. EXPO will present the various forms of the REMAKE concept – most works are inspired by the history of media art, while some were created specifically for the Multiplace festival. You certainly shouldn’t miss projections onto 3D objects by Irish artist Ocusonic, which process recordings by an experimental TV studio from the 1980’s, Václav Peloušek’s drawing machine, which will react to data being transmitted on the Multiplace website, and the software by Jan Nálepa, which generates sounds from scores by the Slovak artist Milan Adamčiak. 

Artists: David Strang & Vincent van Uffelen (UK) / RE-PAIK / Workshop in progress, Tač.ka (BIH) / THIS IS NOT A REMAKE OF BOSNIAN-HERZEGOVINIAN NEW MEDIA ART, Jan Nálepa (CZ) / Partitura, Jiří Suchánek (CZ) / Medusa, Václav Peloušek (CZ) / Drawing machine – Stroj 02, Ocusonic (IR) / Chasing Waves Installation, Victor Mazon (ES/DE) and workshop participants / Voltage Control (from 5.5.)

EXPO will also present performances by Ocusonic (Chasing Waves Performance) and the Czech duo of Ondřej Merta – Václav Peloušek, who combine analogue and digital videosynthesis as part of the Hurikán BM516 project, and concert by Jiří Suchánek, with his Meduse sensory instrument.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday / 3 - 6 pm
Ocusonic aka Esoterica is an Irish composer/ audio visual artist based in Dublin. Ireland. He has released music under a number of pseudonyms for a variety of labels including Six Degrees San Fran and Plant NY, and his audio visual work has been screenedinternationally at numerous festivals. His current output is entirely audio visual and explores a disparate collection of methods and techniques for the creation of visual music. Underpinning all of these disciplines is Ocusonics, the real-time generation of synchronous audio and visual material.

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