David Možný: Rahova
20. April – 06. May 2011, Project SPACE, SK_Bratislava
David Možný (CZ)
Project SPACE
A project by Czech artist David Možný is based on his research in the Rahova housing estate in Bucharest, which is the epitome of an urban utopia and its failure, connected with the socialist past of Central and Eastern European countries. By pointing at Baudrillard’s definition of simulacra, Možný uses spatial installations and video projections to capture the mistakes of mass production, simulations, imitations of classical architectural elements and their bizarre resonance within the context of prefabricated architecture of the 1970’s. By means of digital image decomposition, multiplication and combinations of individual parts, Možný transforms the hard reality of a socialist housing estate and offers the viewer a dreamy, but slightly apocalyptic, vision of – maybe the near future.

Partners: CEICA, Bittner Print. Media partners: Artyčok.TV, Flash Art CZ/SK

DFX (David Mozny) is a visual artist who has been involved with digital images in the past three years. He teaches at the Faculty Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno and, as a VJ under nick dfx, performs in local clubs.


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