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Lenka Dolanová a Michal Kindernay
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PsyShip Visio
Intercity Teleport, Multiplace Bratislava Infocenter Opening
Intercity teleport is a multiplace net based installation that mimics the working of an 8bit scroller platform game like Super Mario. Psyship Visio invites you to design creatures for the game which will wonder through various levels, travelling between physical installations in UK, Berlin, Hungary and Slovakia, etc. When two creatures meet one can carry the other in Head Over Heels style. By cooperating they can undertake tasks that are impossible for a single individual!

Designing a creature is as easy as drawing a 96x96 pixel image of the walking creature, but for a fully fledged creature you can also create all 16 frames of the sprite:

- Walking, side view (this is the only one which is absolutely necessary): two 96x96 frames [walk0.png & walk1.png].

- Standing, front view: two 96x96 frames [stand0.png & stand1.png].

- Dying, front view: two 96x96 frames [die0.png & die1.png].

- Climbing, back view: two 96x96 frames [climb0.png & climb1.png].

- Carrying another creature while walking, side view: two 96x64 frames [carry0.png & carry1.png].

- Riding another creature while walking, side view: two 96x64 frames [ride0.png & ride1.png].

- Carrying another creature and standing, front view: two 96x64 frames [uh0.png & uh1.png].

- Riding another creature while it is standing, front view: two 96x64 frames [hu0.png & hu1.png].

A submission is 1 to 16 PNG images with appropriate file names sent in a compressed ZIP file to andorsolid*gmail.com. We will generate the missing frames for you. Online call: psyship.com/ic/
PsyShip Visio
Intercity Teleport
Intercity Teleport is an multiplace netart installation that mimics the working of an 8bit scroller platform game like Super Mario. Creatures designed by various people wander around in a huge level that spans several physical installations in multiple cities and interact with teleports, ladders, gates, and sometimes combine into more powerful creatures. The installation works as a self-regulating biosphere. The creatures are characteristic of their home city and their destiny depends on the time they are released.

If you want to setup an Intercity multiplace netart installation in your city, that's just great!

You will need the following:

- Public space for the installation

- Computer (recommended min. spec: 1.8Ghz P4, 256+MB RAM)

- Internet access

- Local people to design some creatures (see "Populate the Intercity Teleport!")

and that's all! Please contact maxigas*anargeek.net or andorsolid*gmail.com for more info. Online call: psyship.com/ic/
Transformers Hacklab
Transformers Hacklab is looking for galactic allies (preferrably from another planet) to use the robot on the premiere of self-propelled robot body with a television for a face!!!

All autobots are welcome, especially the technobots with constructions, electric and programming skills and designers/artists of any breed.

Contact: maxigas/at/anargeek.net
Trojan Horse Gallery http://trojanhorsegallery.virae.org

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