Filip Cenek, Gabriel Abrantes, Radoslav Zrubec
Přibližuji, zvětšuji

Instalace domácího kina se dvěmi diaprojektory v asynchronní smyčce a diy reproduktory

Galerie Kabinet, Radnická 4, Brno
Otevřeno v pracovní dny 10-18 hodin


03. March – 18. April 2008, FaVU VUT, CZ_Brno
Fiume, FaVU VUT
opening/exhibition, installation
Filip Cenek, Gabriel Abrantes, Radoslav Zrubec
Přibližuji, zvětšuji

Instalace domácího kina se dvěmi diaprojektory v asynchronní smyčce a diy reproduktory

Galerie Kabinet, Radnická 4, Brno
Otevřeno v pracovní dny 10-18 hodin

Výstava uskutečněna za finanční podpory Ministerstva kultury ČR

New Media in Kasárne II.
08. April 2008 17h, Kasárne – Kulturpark, SK_Kosice
IC Culture Train, AFAD
Presentation of student works.

Matej Bezúch: 01
09. 18h – 30. April 2008, 13m3 Gallery, SK_Bratislava
Matej Bezúch (SK), Katarína Gatialová (SK) (curator)
13 kubikov
A monographic exhibition by the young jeweller Matej Bezúch, whose objects/broaches thematise new technologies, mass computerization, and individual identity in a virtual world.

Support: Goethe Institut Bratislava, Ministery of Culture of Slovak Republic,

International residents workshop
11. – 29. April 2008, Kasárne – Kulturpark, SK_Kosice
La Horse de (FR)
IC Culture Train
Theatre, movement, music, video, visual arts. The workshop will culminate in a multimedia performance on 29 April.

I like to think [of]
11. April 19h – 03. May 2008, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
Truc sphérique
opening/exhibition, installation
An interactive audiovisual installation, which “spies” on the life at the station, and in its own unique way it interprets everyone’s view as the views of a “voyeur”. Authors are visual artists P. Sova, J. Mucha, M. Pšenko a J. Huljaková (SK).

Online magazine on networking

15. April – 03. May 2008, online
Daniel Barroca, Freja Bäckman, Carla Cruz, Alexandra Ferreira, Bettina Wind, open participation
An online magazine in the format of a blog that deals with "network/ing" and creates a virtual platform of exchange between the contributors and guests of the festival. ||

Our group consists of five artists who work with different media and who come from different local contexts (Porto, Lisbon, Helsinki, Berlin). Based on our experience in the culture scene we want to create an open space of reflection that encourages transversal moves of all kinds: between articles, languages, fields and social actors. The online magazine with flexible and easily accessible elements (texts, sound, video) that create a map of internal and external links.

Rather than following a chronological order we want to realize a network structure on three levels: Within our group that is multilingual and works about art and alternative economies/structures; between the international participants of Multiplace who can use the blog for sharing their projects and experiences on network/ing but also come into contact with each other to develop an own network; on the design level of the blog that should work as an inter-connected mapping device (one example is the map we developed in a brain storming about basic ideas for our magazine that you see below).

Cloud of ideas:

16. April – 09. May 2008, FaVU VUT, CZ_Brno
Works by students from the Petr Rónai video studio at FaVU VUT in Brno, and the Jiří David studio of intermedia confrontation at VSUP in Prague.

BLACKOUT: Filip Cenek & Jiří Havlíček
23. April – 08. June 2008, Gallery G99, CZ_Brno
Filip Cenek (CZ), Jirka Havlíček (CZ)
Gallery G99, Fiume
opening/exhibition, installation

Job Karma: Chernobyl
23. April 2008 20h, IC Culture Train - Centre of Contemporary Arts, SK_Kosice
26. April 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
Job Karma (PL)
Truc sphérique, IC Culture Train
A project that came into existence in 1997 in Wroclaw, Poland, as an audiovisual formation, which explores trans-ambient and postindustrial aesthetics.,

Out-of-portrait – photo exhibition
24. April – 04. May 2008, Jan Koniarek Gallery - Koppel House, SK_Trnava
Zuzana Štibrányiová (SK), Monika Reháková (SK)
Jan Koniarek Gallery
The old medium of a black and white classic presented through new age optics. Original views by two young authors on contemporary portraits. A vernissage with the authors on 30. April at 7:30pm.

XYZ: Neon
24. April 18h – 07. May 2008, Jan Koniarek Gallery - Synagogue, SK_Trnava
Jan Koniarek Gallery
opening/exhibition, installation
Sound installation.

Beer Barrel Polka Teremin Reunion
25. April 2008, public space, CZ_Prague
Miloš Vojtěchovský (CZ)
Mlok, Institute of Intermedia
performance, streaming
BBTeremin Polka Reunion is a sound and space intervention in the public domain. It consists of as many as possible players playing together the accordion and teremins. It is situation for indeteremied number of performers in Prague, Las Vegas, Mexico, New York, or any other city or villages.
The Internet broadcast will rejoin the single players or groups in different locations and cultural contexts.

Round square or Dejvice square with large park in the middle offers the possibility of gathering of crowd of people playing accordeon or don´ t play accordeon or teremin.
Technical infrastructure offers the possibilty to stream sound and image on internet

Musical theme is the international evergreen Beer Barrel Polka, aka Skoda lásky, composed by Jaromír Vejvoda in 1927.
Under the name Beer Barrel Polka became during the second world war this song a symbol of democratic alliance against the Nacis and Totality.

The concert of accordion players is joined by sound of teremin a first electronic musical instrument, conected with rather different cultural framework.

Interactive network installation

26. – 29. April 2008 20h, Školská28, CZ_Prague
Michal Cab (CZ) (PureData audio), Lasonick (CZ) (audio, sampling), Kryštof Pešek (Processing, interaction programming, a/v output), Martin Blažíček (CZ) (visual), Michal Kindernay (CZ) (MaxMSP a/v), Aleš Zemene (CZ) (ogg. stream)
Mlok (
workshop, installation, streaming

A collaborative installation consisting of interactive objects receiving and sending data related to the city space. Visual and acoustic material in the radius of 1000m around the venue. Final presentation: 29. April.

Intercity Teleport
26. April – 03. May 2008, A22 Galéria, HU_Budapest
26. April – 03. May 2008, SzimplaKert, HU_Budapest
26. April – 03. May 2008, Szimpla [Budapest Cafe], DE_Berlin
26. April – 03. May 2008, Glasgow School of Art, UK_Glasgow
28. April – 03. May 2008, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Intercity Teleport Creatures Call, Intercity Teleport Installations Call
PsyShip Visio
Multiplace telematic installation. Collaborating media artists and cultural producers are invited to design digital creatures with a set of behaviour patterns. Co-organisers are sought to set up installations with screen and interface in multiple localities or events. The telematic space is then populated by the creations. Participants can teleport creatures between geographical locations which interact based on their individual algorythms. Result is a reactive system of zoospheres composed of immigrant individualities.


Videoset FVU AKU BB
26. April – 03. May 2008, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
A presentation of videos by students and graduates of the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. Short films which heterogeneously reflect and interpret themes associated with, for example, individual catharsis, corporeality, or social questioning.

MTP 2008 Infocentre Brno
26. April – 03. May 2008, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Infocentre MTP Brno
A communications point and an open space for artistic activities, projections, workshops, expert debates and courses devoted to the topics of network culture, network art and new media arts.

26. April – 03. May 2008, online
WRO Art Center
www2snd - a premiere of new online software tool designed by WRO Labs.

www2snd is Processing (Java) based multiplatform online application for translating data taken via WWW in to sound structure. The first public version will be available from 26.04, from www2snd may be used as a simple toy, but you may also to treat this tool as base for networked, sound basis installation or performance.

Personal Tarot Mobiles
26. April – 03. May 2008, C2C Gallery, CZ_Prague
Darina Alster
Circle of Curators and Critics
Interactive multimedia installation Personal Tarot Mobiles by Darina Alster offers the participant the possibility of communication with the archetypes. The interpretation of each of 21 Arcanes of the Tarot game is as complex as a human personality. It is impossible to assign it with solely positive or negative meaning, as it always depends on the situation and individual life circumstances of the one who seeks an advice. The card is a summary of various patterns of energy, non-existent in a pure form, but well known, similarly to the archetypes of Carl Gustav Jung.

The Personal Tarot Mobiles provides an interactive virtual oracle. Individual numbers of 21 sim cards will correspond to the 21 cards of the Great Arcane. The visitor can call the numbers and receive messages delivered by the cards, or send the oracle an sms, mms, simply communicate.


0/ THE FOOL /// +420 732416239
I/ THE MAGUS /// +420 736403403
II/ THE PRIESTESS /// +420 732564090
III/ THE EMPRESS /// +420 732416224
IV/ THE EMPEROR /// +420 732403612
V/ THE HIEROPHANT /// +420 736435339
VI/ THE LOVERS /// +420 736419994
VII/ THE CHARIOT /// +420 736421081
VIII/ ADJUSTMENT/// +420 736421000
IX/ THE HERMIT /// +420 732403620
X/ FORTUNE /// +420 736419991
XI/ LUST /// +420 605957960
XII/ THE HANGED MAN /// +420 736420589
XIII/ DEATH /// +420 736420618
XIV/ ART /// +420 736421179
XV/ THE DEVIL /// +420 736420545
XVI/ THE TOWER /// +420 736420655
XVII/ THE STAR /// +420 736420093
XVIII/ THE MOON /// +420 732564016
XIX/ THE SUN /// +420 736420052
XX/ THE AEON ///+420 736420061
XXI/ THE UNIVERSE /// +420 732416249

26. – 29. April 2008, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies
International workshop on dance and telematic technologies with a final performance on 29.4 at 8pm.

26. April 2008 12 - 21h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Lenka Kočišová aka Akkamiau (CZ)
Infocentre MTP Brno
workshop, concert, streaming

A spontaneous musical happening of electro fans, seasoned professionals, MCs and synth freaks.

With: akkamiau_elektric fret_sonority_ hugo & zoe_babuta_sista 23_vera lukasova_pan palanda_lasonick_michail cabowitz_dj yak_dj fiju_petr kachtik_alexandr hemala_burning boy_vaclav pelousek_rado_tonik koutny_electronic bitches djs_alef_andrei_pája_

Soundbus / nomadSPACE
26. April 2008 19h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
28. April 2008 20h, Europa Culture Centre, SK_Banska Bystrica
29. April 2008 17.30h, The Nitra Gallery / Bunker, SK_Nitra
30. April 2008, 13 kubikov, SK_Bratislava
02. May 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
03. May 2008 19h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Ursula Maria Probst (AT) (curator), Ivana Madariová (SK) (coordinator), Juraj Čarný (SK) (garant)
SPACE projects | residency lab | store
The NomadSPACE wandering gallery presents contemporary tendencies in soundart from Austria.

Let net
26. April 2008 20h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
, Slávo Krekovič (SK), Jonatán Pastirčák (SK), Oliver Rehák (SK), Michal Valent (SK) (dskg), Marek Piaček (SK), Angakok Thoth / Daniel Tóth (SK)
A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, Atrakt Art, Polish Institute
concert, performance
"I'm very sorry, but I have to call away my gig in Bratislava during
upcoming Multiplace. The reason is current state of my health..." Pawel Janicki, PING MELODY.

But: There still be two projects for the opening night. BULKLADUNG is a new Slovak improvising electronic orchestra and another premiere performance will will bring MIO-MIO. This project consisting of two Slovak well experienced artist, who call themselves "Woofer" and "Tweeter use for their performances an sophisticated freeware called Clanger Theremin. The sound they produce with the help of two small hardware equipement Mio DigiWalker P560. Characteristic feature for their performances are glissandos: "Woofer" is expert in frequency response 20-200 Hz and "Tweeter" in 201-20000 Hz.

Multiplace BB I.
Juraj Hubiňák / Romina Daniele / Maroš Rovňák

26. April 2008 20h, Europa Culture Centre, SK_Banska Bystrica
Juraj Hubiňák (SK), Romina Daniele (IT), Maroš Rovňák (SK)
concert, performance
8pm - Juraj Hubinak - concert
9pm - Romina Daniele - concert
10pm - Maroš Rovňák - audiovisual performance

26. April 2008 22h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
03. May 2008 20.30h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Jozef Henzl (CZ), Kyl The Sistem (SK)
Chernobylmusick, Infocentre MTP Brno
performance, installation, streaming
Stream: rtsp://
Musical installation. A computer (that is a reactor) with Pure Data, which will process and modulate sound data 24 hours a day on the basis of a specific algorithm.

hvss/at/ - +420 608 665 461 -jabber: j.henzl/at/ , icq: 318336096

26. April 2008 22h, Subclub, SK_Bratislava
To Live And Shave In L.A. (US), The Teknoist (UK), Sickboy (BE), Sepix (AT), Urbanfailure (SK), Misyar (SK)
Urbsounds Collective (Bratislava/London)
concert, party
VERMIN is an event which tries to fill in an empty space on Bratislava’s club scene, where there is a lack of presence by more alternative and extreme styles of electronic dance (and non-dance) music.

26. April 2008 22.01h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Chernobyl DJs (CZ)
Chernobylmusick, Infocentre MTP Brno
party, concert
A happy party to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the chernobylmusik netlabel, or in other words music with three legs.

Postcards From Berlin
27. April 2008 15h, public space, DE_Berlin
30. April 2008 18h, public space, CZ_Prague
Gaby Bila-Günther aka Lady Gaby (DE)
Spokenword/movement performance in Berlin Kreuzberg 36. The text and movement focuses on urban stories in site specific places of Berlin's Kreuzberg 36 area through the eyes of an expat. Kreuzberg 36 is where I live and work as an artist. The area inspires me daily. Its independence, arhitecture, its streets, its parks, its public artI. The performance will tackle many issues such as self expressions, public art, site specific impressions, political and social matters, urban issues, cultural jamming, multiculturalism through spokenword and movement. The performances will move around from place to place, a Half an hour intervals. Site specific performances live from various public spaces in Berlin's kreuzberg, in front of various sites where the grafitti POET is sprayed. from an unkown public artist. POET tags will feature as the background of my spokenword performances that will embrace many aspects of the Kreuzberg 36 area in Berlin. Prior to the performances I will like to collect some written thoughts and visuals depicting various artists' urban environment. These will be used to compose spokenword pieces that reflects everyones thoughts and realites. These pieces will be performed in Prague. I would like to get in touch with many of the participating artists in this festival. I invite these artists to write to me about their urban environment, about their places...

All thoughts and visuals should be sent to the blog of myspace site: by the 15th april, 2008

Gaby Bila-Günther aka lady gaby is a published writer whose reviews, poetry and nonfiction articles have appeared in Australia, Norway, Sweden, USA, Germany, and England. She curates the monthly performance and poetry show, FUEL in Berlin and writes for the column: lady gaby’s world. Besides performance shows, lady gaby promotes rock and roll groups at some of Berlin’s wicked and eclectic clubs: King Kong Klub, Bassy Cowboy Club, Schokoladen, Ausland, Zentrale Randlage., Wendel clubcafe and Barbie Deinhoffs.

Accurate Curators
Sabine Maria Schmidt and project

27. April 2008 18h, 13 kubikov, SK_Bratislava
28. April 2008, mobile, SK_Bratislava
Sabine Maria Schmidt (DE), Mária Rišková (SK) (moderator)
Goethe-Institut Bratislava, 13 kubikov
lecture, screening
Sabine Maria Schmidt presents selection of German video art from 1963 to present from the project as part of the Accurate Curators cycle.

28.04 individual meetings with Sabine Maria Schmidt (artists, curators...)

Prix Ars Electronica 2007
27. April 2008 19h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
28. April 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
30. April 2008 17h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Screening of the last year's Prix Ars Electronica awarded videos and animations. The "Computer Animation / Film / VFX" category has been part of the Prix Ars Electronica since its very inception. It recognizes excellence in independent work in the arts and sciences as well as in high-end commercial productions in the film, advertising and entertainment industries. In this category, artistic originality counts just as much as masterful technical achievement.

Romina Daniele: Aisthánomai, il dramma della coscienza
Maroš Rovňák: Hyena, litanies

27. April 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
Romina Daniele (IT), Maroš Rovňák (SK)
Truc sphérique
concert, performance
The Italian vocalist Romina Daniele focuses on voice research. Maroš Rovňák works with text, which is declared or sung using electronic voice modulation and accompanied by visual projections.

UCHOKO / Moving Pictures I.
27. April 2008 20.30 - 23h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Martin Buřil (CZ), Michael Carrington
Hucot, o.s.
Presentation of a selection of audiovisual creations by selected Czech art schools.

Placetellers Bratislava-Vienna
28. April – 03. May 2008, public space, SK_Bratislava
open participation
Jürgen Rendl, Urban Flow
Placetellers will connect people, places and stories in and between Bratislava and Vienna. We want to collect and share places, that are appropriated by people and their stories, practises, experiences and emotions. Thereby we are aiming to humanize the respective cityscape, making the traces, which people leave in the urban pattern, accessable and readable like a collective story. Your traces will change the way how others perceive the city.

"I would like there to exist places that are stable, unmoving, intangible, untouched and almost untouchable, unchanging, deep-rooted: places that might be points of reference, of departure, of origin. Such places don't exist, and its because they don't exist that space becomes a question, ceases to be self-evident, ceases to be incorporated, ceases to be appropriated. Space is a doubt: I have constantly to mark it, to designate it. It's never mine, never given to me, I have to conquer it."
Georges Perec, Species of Spaces

Bratislava is, through the radical neoliberalization of its cityscape, losing many places of difference and diversity. Places, that were created through personal (hi)stories and collective narratives. That's why we want to create a platform for those humanized places, stories and practices.

26.4. - 3.5. 18:00 - 20:00, festival center, A4
"Placetellers collection"
During multiplace we will ask people in Bratislava "Kde je tvoje miesto?" (Where is your place?) and collect places, stories, practises, experiences and emotions connected to their city. Come to the festival center and share! What you provide will be the base for a collective web platform about YOUR places in Bratislava and inspire the itinerary of our collective placetellers walk.

3.5. 14:00, Meeting point at the entrance to the building of A4
"Placetellers walk"
A collective walk through YOUR Bratislava. Sharing places, stories and emotions. Any creative means will be welcome to capture our journey, navigating through the cityscape alongside emotional traces. Surprises and magic moments appreciated. Strollers, storytellers and hungry hearts warmly welcome. Let it all out!

follow up:
By end of may we want to invite Bratislavcanov to creatively appropriate places in Vienna. Find, connect, share. A chance to infiltrate the so called "city twin" with your urban stories, desires and little utopias. Bratislavizacia vo Viedni. Come and join us!

New Media. Variety of Perspectives

28. April 2008 14.30 - 18h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Michal Čudrnák (SK), Martin Micka (CZ), Terezie Nekvindová (CZ), Jan Vidlička (CZ), František Zachoval (CZ), Jan Habrman (CZ), Michal Klodner (CZ), Lenka Dolanová (CZ), Dušan Barok (SK/CZ/DE)
Jan Zálešák and Ars Publica, The Brno House of Arts, Infocentre MTP Brno
discussion, lecture, presentation, streaming

Multiplace Bratislava Infocenter Opening
28. April 2008 16h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Intercity Teleport Creatures Call
Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, PsyShip Visio, Urban Flow
opening/exhibition, installation, streaming, party
Come to the opening of the festival infocentre in Bratislava and enjoy the socializing possibilities offered by Multiplace. We will launch the telematic instalation / online game Intercity teleport, try to establish audio and video connections to other festival cities and places, and open the festival's Multibar. Surprise ...and catering included!

Multiplace Infocentre Bratislava
28. April 16h – 02. May 2008, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture
From Monday to Friday from 4pm daily programme updates, lectures, debates, art installations and projections, Multibar and a festival meeting place... programme updates at and

Hack the toys!!!
28. April 2008 17h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, Atrakt Art
Selection of both short and funny videos about the circuit bending phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular. In the hands of contemporary bricoleurs, electronic toys mute into extraordinary musical instruments producing unbelievable sounds. Underground of those who are involved, or fun for everyone?

Live from the wild Marianske mountains
28. April 2008 17.30h, Faculty of Arts, Ostrava University, CZ_Ostrava
concert (party), performance, party (streaming)

Multiplace BB II.
SoundBus / videoart / TABLE / Job Karma

28. April 2008 19h, Europa Culture Centre, SK_Banska Bystrica
Roman Štětina (CZ), Job Karma (PL)
screening, performance, opening/exhibition
Soundbus – audiovisual gallery on the road,
7pm - selection of videos from art schools in Brno, Košice and Banská Bystrica,
8pm - audiovisual performances by TABLE (Roman Štětina a Dominik Gajarsky)
9pm - electronic / dark ambient performance by Job Karma.

28. April 2008 20h, Fléda Club, CZ_Brno

28. April 2008 22h, Fléda Club, CZ_Brno
Anymade (CZ)
Dance party by DJs and VJs from the Anymade crew { akkamiau+mic+dance, fiju & peboy & yak on da mix, kolouch visual dj}.

New Media. Variety of Perspectives

29. April 2008 12.30 - 16h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Jaroslav Vančát (CZ), Jan Svoboda (CZ), Barbora Škaloudová (CZ), Lucie Štůlová Vobořilová (CZ), Magdaléna Kobzová (SK/CZ),
Jan Zálešák and Ars Publica, The Brno House of Arts, Infocentre MTP Brno
discussion, lecture, presentation, streaming

Pure Data workshop
29. April 14h – 01. May 2008 20h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Michal Cab (CZ), Jozef Henzl (CZ), open participation
Infocentre MTP Brno
workshop, installation
Lecturers Michail Cabowitz and Jozef Henzl in a three-day workshop, which will introduce participants to the basics of language syntax, sound in pd, and the possibility of processing images using the GEM library.

hvss/at/ - +420 608 665 461 -jabber: j.henzl/at/ , icq: 318336096

New Media. Variety of Perspectives

29. April 2008 16.30 - 18.30h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Jana Horáková (CZ), Denisa Kera (CZ), Lenka Dolanová (CZ), Filip Cenek (CZ)
Jan Zálešák and Ars Publica, The Brno House of Arts, Infocentre MTP Brno
discussion, lecture, presentation, streaming

29. April 18h – 18. May 2008, The Nitra Gallery / Bunker, SK_Nitra
Omar Mirza (SK), Juraj Rattaj (SK), Matej Rosmány (SK)
The Nitra Gallery
Presentation of young sculptors in a gallery with unusual access, where the artists don’t present their art in the gallery but on it (objects are worked into the materials of the gallery itself).

Ring Free
29. April 2008 18h, Film Club 35_mm, SK_Bratislava
35 mm
Come and put it in our player, and stand face to face with a bloodthirsty audience; watch out for flying eggs! Enjoy the true author’s agony. Jump out of the anonymity of the network. We don’t have any rules or limitations. None. Only you and your films.

29. April 2008 18.30h, The Nitra Gallery / Bunker, SK_Nitra

The Nitra Gallery

Just Below the Above
29. April 2008 19h, Jan Koniarek Gallery - Synagogue, SK_Trnava
30. April 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
Parrot {in the} Tank (UK)
Jan Koniarek Gallery, Truc sphérique
One night, through a series of crossed wires, radio waves and jumbled technology a terminally jaded inventor catches a glimpse of the tangled words of a woman that will change his life forever.
As he desperately seeks to capture her once more, his struggle leads him beyond the confines of his make-shift laboratory, his marriage and his earthbound life to a world consisting of satellites, sounds and stars. ||

Using a concoction of physical theatre, puppetry, film, magic tricks, original music and unrestrained imagination, Just below the above tells the story of Walrab – a terminally jaded inventor who one night catches a glimpse of the tangled words of a woman that will change his life forever. Under a backdrop of constellations and corrugated iron he desperately seeks to capture the voice once more, leading him beyond the confines of his make-shift laboratory and into a world consisting of satellites, sounds and stars.

The latest show by Parrot {in the} Tank - direct transfer from London's West End!
"Keep an eye out for this company!" - Leoni Kibbey, Talent Magazine, London


Parrot {in the} Tank are a multinational London-based ensemble made up of four key practitioners/part-time adventurers, all seeking the fun in theatrical performance through a blend of live, digital and illusionary media.

Using a concoction of mime, object animation, film, visual trickery, original sound scores and unrestrained imagination, we aim to create shows that tantalise our audience through the creation of a visual landscape firmly rooted in the world of the dreamlike, the fantastic and the bizarre.

Multiplace BB III.
Videoart / Inyfilm / Ľúbozvučné konvalinky

29. April 2008 19h, Europa Culture Centre, SK_Banska Bystrica
Ľúbozvučné konvalinky (SK)
screening, presentation, concert
7pm - Videoart [SK, CZ]
8pm - Inyfilm [ ] - Presentation of web page
9pm - Ľúbozvučné konvalinky [SK] - Urban noise / FeedBack / Homemade

UCHOKO / Moving Pictures II.
29. April 2008 20h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Beata Spáčilová (CZ), Pavel Ryška (CZ), Filip Cenek (CZ), Markéta Dvořáčková (CZ)
Hucot, o.s.
Presentation of a selection of audiovisual creations by selected Czech art schools.

Something is red
29. April 2008 20h, Kasárne – Kulturpark, SK_Kosice
La Horse de (FR)
IC Culture Train
Multimedia performance, which is the result of an international creative workshop by French and Slovak artists led by the French director Nathalie Veuillet.

29. April 2008 20h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies
A performance presenting the results of the IMMEDIATE Czech-German-Turkish-French-Slovene-Slovak workshop, which experiments with new possibilities of expression through dance in virtual environments.

ADD soundsystem ver. 2.0
30. April – 01. June 2008, Ciant Gallery, CZ_Prague
rRadim Labuda (SK/CZ) (project author), Darina Alster (production, CIANT), Milan Guštár (CZ) (technical support)
CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies
installation, performance, opening/exhibition
Interactive installation and performance series

Project ADD SOUNDSYSTEM is a sound installation conceived as an
open system and tool for other artists to realize their own sound content. ADD SOUNDSYSTEM can become a space for some form of music production or performance, it can be used as a sound installation or a sonic playground for a workshop. The aim is to create a specific social context, space for encounters, communication and participation. ADD SOUNDSYSTEM oscilates between different types of sound production and perception. It decentralizes the position of musician / performer and obliterates both creative and physical gap between the creator and the audience. Installation is designed to be as transparent, easily understood and operated for any audience member.

ADD SOUNDSYSTEM consists of two basic connected components:
mixing table and suspended loudspeaker grid. The mixing table is a combinatoric matrix constructed from simple electronic elements. It contains five input units and a larger number of output units. Each output unit is a very simple mixer which allows to produce a variable mix of the five inputs fed into the system. Sound producers and audience take their places and operate input and output units according to the current situation (music production, performance, workshop, installation). The most typical would be a situation where the output units are handled by the audience and inputs are taken by the creator/s.

The loudspeaker grid contains number of single loudspeakers which is double the number of output units - as the speakers are in stereo pairs. Each output unit is connected to a pair of speakers. Speakers are suspended under the gallery ceiling and spaced out into an even grid creating a sound field. This situation allows the audience to actively shape the sound field created in the gallery. The perception of the sound composition then depends on the listener’s position in space which means that each listener’s experience is individual and unique.

Performances by:
Anja Kaufmann
Dan Vlček
Darina Alster
DJ Francois Perrin
Martin Janíček
Michal Cabowitz
Michal Mariánek
Tomáš Vaněk
Mark Eisler

rRadim Labuda (born 1976) has studied Faculty of Architecture at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studios of Prof. Miloš Šejn and Prof. Michael Bielický. In 2004 he received a semester exchange at San Francisco Art Institute. In 2005 has become finalist for the Oskár Čepan Award in Slovakia. Graduated in 2006. Since 2004 his work is focused on the medium of video. Exhibited nationally and internationally.

Stranger – workshop of one-minute films
30. April – 04. May 2008 18h, 13 kubikov, SK_Bratislava
Peter Snadík (SK) (facilitator), Adam Hanuljak (SK) (facilitator), Peter Kotrha (SK) (facilitator), open participation
13 kubikov, Truc sphérique, European Cultural Foundation,, UNICEF
workshop, screening
Team of lecturers - Peter Snadík, Adam Hanuljak, Peter Kotrha – will go through the whole process of creating a one-minute film, together with young authors. A public presentation of the films created will be on 4.5 at 18:00.

Open Design Studio
30. April 11h – 02. May 2008 17h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Open Design Studio, Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture
workshop, screening

VideoArt Now
30. April 2008 18h, Jan Koniarek Gallery - Koppel House, SK_Trnava
Vladimír Beskid (SK)
Jan Koniarek Gallery
screening, lecture
Lecture about the international collection of video projectors from Erste Bank Group’s private art collection, selected by Walter Seitel.

Community media
30. April 2008 18.30h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Marcel Hečko (SK/UK)
Itchy bit, Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture
Is it true that the more discussion there is about communities, the less is left of them (like it is the case of icebergs) ? What are then the ambitions of media that give the members of community a chance to speak up without intermediaries, more freely and by their own means? Does the notion of community media make sense? It is not only the case of Slovakia where the media are seen as untouchable ivory towers - in better case defending their professionality and objectivity, in the worse case the good image of their founders (f.e. regional media in Slovakia)

Since there is few experience with this kind of communication in Slovakia, we'll invite Marcel Hečko who is working for Station house media productions (Aberdeen, UK). SHMU is a community unit that supports residents in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications. His exprience will be complemented by other (physically or telematically present) guests, who have been involved in similar intiatives.

After the discussion there will be party in the informal environment of festival Multibar.

Marcel Hečko - President and co-founder of (non-profit organisation maintaining a open wi-fi network in Bratislava), IT services manager and WiFi insfrastructure project leader at Station House Media Unit, Aberdeen, UK.

Microscope 01
closing of exhibition of Matej Bezúch

30. April 2008 19h, 13m3 Gallery, SK_Bratislava
Matej Bezúch (SK), Katarína Gatialová (SK) (moderator)
13 kubikov
To end the exhibition by the jeweller Matej Bezúch, a lecture and a debate with the author and his quest on the topic of creativity in the context of new technologies. Moderated by the exhibition’s curator Katarina Gatialová.

Two nodes: International videoproject
30. April 2008 20h, Jan Koniarek Gallery - Koppel House, SK_Trnava
Jana Kapelová (SK) (author of the project)
Jan Koniarek Gallery
The project includes the networking of video art in different parts of Europe, America and Asia, in the cumulative transport node in Trnava.

Video works:
1. Miroslava Majorošová – bezMOCnosť, 1´20´´ , 2007 SK
2. Marek Ružinský – Mesto, 2006, 1´ SK
3. Jana Kapelová – untitled, 2008 SK
2007, 2´37´´ SK
5. Eja Devečková – Pokec o potencionálnom koncepte, 2007, 9´´ SK
6. Rišo Kitta – in (vhs) memory of jp2, 2005, 2´10´´ SK
7. Vincent Ducarne - Interieur Nuit / Interior Night, 2006, 4'50'' FR
8. Monika Pavlechová - FACTORY WINDOW, 2006, 1´ SK
9. Michael Gimenez - Factory drifter, 2006, 6´36´´ FR
10. Anders Grønlien - „Quel est votre homme ideal?“, 2005, 2´05´´ NO/CZ
11. Fatiha Kheddaoui - Getting Involved with a Flag, 2008, 6´ FR/USA
12. Mary Babcock - american gourmet, 2004, 5´ USA
13. Bea Kolbašovská - Womans dreams, 2006, 1´23´´ SK
14. Juraj Valica, Katarína Czikorová – Beauty Now, 2007, 1´24´´ SK
15. Boris Sirka – transformers 05, 2005, 1´14´´ SK
16. Emilie Segnarbieux – bublifuk, 2008, 1´15´´ FR
17. Roman Gajdoš – všetkým spolubývajúcim, 2007, 4´05 SK
18. Marek Stolarčík – out line, 2007, 2´04´´ SK
19. Ko Z – Empty road, 2006, 9´17´´ MM
20. Tomáš Javůrek – Malý javor, 2007, 0´57´´ CZ
21. Erik Sikora – Nekonečná výstava, 2007, 2´15´´ SK/CZ
22. Viliam Slaminka – Tesco man, 2006, 2´46´´ SK
23. Kata Huszár - Pressure, 2007, 8´48´´ HU/DE
24. Erin Maria Gigle - behind an apple, 2006, 5´40´´ USA
25. Jana Huljaková – Untitled, 2006, 2´12´´ SK
26. Ľuba Lavríková – Hľadanie nekonečna, 2007, 7‘19´´ SK/CH
27. Eva Jiřička – Cestička k domu, 2007, 2´46´´ CZ
28. Ivan Dudáš - Crying art, 2008, 2´ SK
29. Juraj Ondráš – MANIPUL (VIDEO), 2007-2008, 1´44´´ SK
30. Silvina Arismendi - Come fly with me, 2006, 1´10´´ UY/CZ
31. Ján Viazanička - Niektoré slová, 2008, 2´30´´ SK
32. Lucia Černayová – wanted art, 2006-2007, 3´37´´ SK/CZ
33. Scoop Brancisco - The Process, 2008, 8´ JP/USA
34. Martin Fujka - Život je krátky a umenie trvalé, 2006, 0´54´´ SK
35. Mark Fitzpatrick – Ransom, 2007, 12´34´´ UK/CZ

UCHOKO concert
30. April 2008 20h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Mytokin (CZ), Catophone (CZ), Cabowitz + P.O.P. corp. (CZ), Michal Mariánek (CZ), David Možný (CZ)
Hucot, o.s.
concert, streaming
Stream: rtsp://


DFX (David Mozny) is a visual artist who has been involved with digital images in the past three years. He teaches at the Faculty Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno and, as a VJ under nick dfx, performs in local clubs.


Chuchvalec mixtape / Fluff mixtape
01. May 2008 0.01 - 23.59h, online
Lukáš Matejka (SK) (author and project coordinator)

Skype to: verster_freedom
01. May 2008 0.01h, FreeDom, SK_Bahon
13 kubikov
Verster the young parrot is waiting for your Skype call... teach him how to speak your language.

Copyright Foto Stupid

Welcome to FaVU Electronic Cafe Obsessions / performance communication stream
01. May 2008 17h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Electronic Cafe Obsessions call
Michal Kindernay (CZ), Lenka Dolanová (CZ), Kateřina Svatoňová (CZ) (café V sedmém nebi/Prague), Jindřich Pavlíček (CZ) (café Cuba Libre/Hradec Králové), Milan Langer (CZ) (collaboration)
Lenka Dolanová a Michal Kindernay, Infocentre MTP Brno
performance, streaming
Stream: rtsp://
! Join the IRC chat:

"If I can't drink my bowl of coffee three times daily, then in my torment I will shrivel up like a piece of roast goat." (Lieschen, character from J. S. Bach's "The Coffee Cantata")

"Our original idea, back in the 1970s, was to create an electronic, multi- media composite-image space in which people separated by distance, language, values, and culture could come together to collaborate." (Kit Galloway, Sherrie Rabinowitz about "Electronic Cafe International")

Imaginary cafe space compiled from favourite cafes in different cities

Space for communication, collective story-telling or "silent-e-mail" playing

Homage to Kit and Sherrie who knew that networking and coffee go very well together

Cafe at FaVU will be as virtual as election pledges...

HTML Code Choreography
01. May 2008 17.30h, FreeDom, SK_Bahon
Ursula Endlicher (AT/US), Viera Levitt (SK/US) (moderator)
13 kubikov, FreeDom (coorganiser)
presentation, discussion
New media art in the USA + presentation of the project html_butoh - bringing human body back to data world. || Independent curator Viera Levitt and Ursula Endlicher will discuss new media art in the USA and introduce Ursula's project html_butoh, that brings the human body back to the technical world of the Internet. In this piece, Endlicher replaces the html code with movement sequences from an online video clip archive, the html-movement-library, which is available for anyone wanted to participate. Visitors to the talk and exhibit held at the new space FreeDom in Bahon, between Bratislava and Trnava, near the train station, will be guided through the process of how to submit their ideas to the database and to be part of this "global performance" piece.


Ursula Endlicher's work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation, bridging the Web and physical reality. Online since 1994, her focus lies in analyzing the social, political and structural components of the WWW. Special interest goes into revealing the hidden architectures and languages of the Web, such as "html" (hypertext mark-up language), which is translated in her work into different media, visualization formats, and into choreography. She has received online commissions from New Radio and Performing Arts (, and from the Whitney Museum's Artport. Her work is included in Rhizome's Artbase, and featured on Endlicher has shown her work most recently at BM-Suma Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul, Turkey, at Quartier21/Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria, and at Upgrade! Berlin in Germany. Upcoming is a Theater/Internet Project at Theater am Neumarkt in Zürich, Switzerland. Together with Ela Kagel she runs a blog discussing net art and the questions of its curation online and in physical space. Ursula was born and raised in Vienna, and is living and working in New York since 1993.
Viera Levitt (formerly Viera Jancekova) worked as a curator in one of Slovakia's leading Contemporary Arts Museum, the Jan Koniarek Gallery located in the historic town of Trnava from. She became director of this space in 2002, as the youngest director ever in a public art museum in the Slovak Republic.
Since 1996, she has curated or co-curated more than thirty exhibitions in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and the USA. She gave lectures or presentations about contemporary art in Bratislava, Berlin, Rotterdam, Hiroshima, New Delhi, Caracas or Providence, RI.
From January 2006, she has lived in Rhode Island, USA as an independent curator.

UCHOKO concert
01. May 2008 19 - h, Desert Club, CZ_Brno
Burningboy a Misalangelo, Cassete, Do Shaska (CZ)
Hucot, o.s.
concert, party, streaming

Burningboy a Misalangelo
Audiovizuální 1man&1woman burningMisalangelo show

Melancholie, hypnóza, náměsičnictví, láska, zkreslené zvuky a intenzivní tep basu a bicích. Koncert dotváří lightshow a videoprojekce A. Schwarze.

Do Shaska
Hlukově rytmické, halucinačně přeludné, obludně „písničkové“ kompozice. živé nástroje, elektronika, zpěv, video.

Movement Freedom Sound
01. May 2008 19h, public space, IS_Reykjavík
Chaotic Confluence Commitee
The Lost Horse Gallery
performance, streaming
streaming date :1st 3rd and 4th of May 2008 time : from 19.00

artists: The C C C consist mainly of Monika Frycova, Eva Isleifsdottir and Alexander Zaklynsky. Njosnari . Livia . Nick Fishleigh . Auxpan . Mongoose .
Captain Dean. Halli Kalli and raflost

The Indoor performance will take place the following weekend and will be taped and streamed to Multiplace @ The LOST HORSE Gallery
on May 3rd and 4th between 6 and where? Am.

Between Science and Garbage
01. May 2008 20h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, Atrakt Art
A documentary about the spectacular collaboration between prize winning Canadian animator Pierre Hébert and cutting edge electronics wizard Bob Ostertag. Outrageous noise sampling interacts with spontaneously created live animation in this groundbreaking improvisational work.

Martin Blažíček + Ondřej Vavrečka: P-P (Pleonasmus)
Martin Blažíček: Periphery

01. May 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
Martin Blažíček (CZ), Ondřej Vavrečka (CZ), Angakok Thoth / Daniel Tóth (SK), Jonatán Pastirčák (SK) (Pjoni)
Truc sphérique
performance, screening
An audiovisual performance by P-P (Pleoplasmus) manipulates old 16mm film and thematizes a projection situation, which primarily involves the space between the projector’s lens and the screen. Screening of a film by Martin Blažíček with live music by Angakok/ Pjoni.

02. May 2008 16 - 20h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Lenka Kočišová aka Akkamiau (CZ)
Infocentre MTP Brno
performance, streaming
Public presentation of music projects and experiments that came into existence in the electronic undergrowth of the local art scene.

line up cca////
16_00 johanka a tonik
16_30 vj valik
17_30 václav peloušek + bětka bačíková
18_30 péja a páťa a texa
19_00 alef

Transformers Multiplace Night
, Szimpla (Budapest Cafe), DE_Berlin
02. May 2008 18 - 22h, TűzIX, HU_Budapest
Green Spider
installation, streaming
Telematic presence play ||

"Too much info and not enough bandwiths."

"Not only football in TV."

"YouTube is only the TV of the zeroes."

Broadcasting new media events from Slovakia,
presenting a net based installation, and
playing with remote control cars and
wireless camera.

Connect to us live at

Use VLC (Videolab player) or Mplayer to open.

See you there. :)
02. May 2008 18h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Golo Föllmer (DE), Gívan Belá (BE/SK)
Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, Goethe-Institut Bratislava
lecture, performance, concert, streaming
Stream: rtsp://
What does network music sound like? Apart from an exclusive lecture by the author of the book Netzmusik (2007), Gollo Föllmer, the answers will also be explored by his shared network performance with media artist Gívan Belá.

Golo Föllmer - Studies of musicology, communication science (Berlin) and broadcast communication arts (San Francisco). Audio practice in radio, sound art and tape pieces. Research on sound installation art, contemporary music and audio media. PhD on networked music in 2002. Curatorial work a.o. for sonambiente (Berlin 1996 & 2006), net_condition (Karlsruhe 1999), Networkshop (Dresden/Berlin 2001) and RadioREVOLTEN (Halle 2006). Since 2007 Juniorprofessor for Audio Culture at Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg.

Handa Gote: Trains

02. May 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
Handa Gote (CZ), B4 (CZ)
Truc sphérique
performance, concert
Industrial haiku by Handa Gote: Trains, and an improvised concert by B4, connecting electronics, sound ready-mades and acoustic instruments.

Multiplace Connected Cameras Party
02. May 2008 20h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Multiplace 2008, A4 – Associations for contemporary culture
party, concert, performance, streaming
Images and sounds, flowing from the festival’s different locations, form the data to be processed by various artists in the informal setting of the festival’s Multibar.

UCHOKO / RGB project
02. May 2008 21h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Floex (Tomáš Dvořák) (CZ)
Hucot, o.s.
installation, concert, streaming
RGB, a project by Tomáš Dvořák aka Floexe, an interactive musical installation working with the cooperation and communication between the audience and the musician.

02. 21h – 03. May 2008 7h, Fléda Club, CZ_Brno
Fléda Club
concert, party, streaming

Eats Tapes (USA)

Like She

Kyl The Sistem

Miss Ucentou



Romano Porni

Valoa & PPigeon

Placetellers Walk
03. May 2008 14 - 17h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Jürgen Rendl
Urban Flow
A collective walk through YOUR Bratislava. Sharing places, stories and emotions. Any creative means will be welcome to capture our journey, navigating through the cityscape alongside emotional traces. Strollers, storytellers and hungry hearts warmly welcome. Let it all out! Meeting point 2pm at the entrance to the building of A4.

PURE DATA / workshop presentation
03. May 2008 18 - 19h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Jozef Henzl (CZ)
Infocentre MTP Brno, The Brno House of Arts


hvss/at/ - +420 608 665 461 -jabber: j.henzl/at/ , icq: 318336096

...::: pd-net session \\\\\\\\\\\\
03. May 2008 18h, Školská28, CZ_Prague
The basic idea is to have networked performances taking place simultaneously in various cities taking part in Multiplace.

LBDK: Honeg
Ľúbozvučné konvalinky

03. May 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, SK_Zilina
LBDK (CZ), Ľúbozvučné konvalinky (SK)
Truc sphérique
performance, concert, screening
LBDK – Honeg is a manual story based on the motifs of the cult sci-fi writer Jiří Kulhánek, narrated with the help of an episcope, meotar, a slide projector and other sources of light. Ľúbozvučné konvalinky is a project which focuses on sound experiments, which at the same time manipulate and even destructively intervene in video images.

03. May 2008 20h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Planningtorock (UK), AIDS Wolf (CA), Michal Valent (SK) (dskg), Georgij Bagdasarov (AM/CZ)
A4 – Associations for contemporary culture, Atrakt Art
performance, concert, party, streaming
Stream: rtsp://
Closing music event in Bratislava with three spectacular projects.

WHATS THE ROCK is an ephemeral voyage into an indefinable surreal world created by british musician and video artist Janine Rostron (aka PLANNINGTOROCK) where a stunning array of her own characters roam the stage accompanied by a hypnotic brew of gothic and classical music curiously melded with hip-hop, techno, and pop. Blurring the well-traversed boundaries between a conventional rock concert and the performance art stage, Planningtorock, together with artists Leif.E.Christensen (DE) and Evans Hankey (USA), has stitched an extreme carousel of sensory-overloading stage show, video pieces, light and stage installation into what Wire Magazine terms “neo vaudevillian kaleidoscope.”

AIDS WOLF is the crazy experimental-noise from Montreal. The musicians answer to the beautiful names of Special Deluxe, Hiroshima Thunder, Him and Barbarian Destroyer. Their violent mixture of wailing guitars, tribal beats with proper, rattling brass as well as the childlike squealing voice of Special Deluxe Chloe emphatically defy conventional song structures.

WAYS OF OTHER WAYS is internet improvised performance between Michal Valent aka d1s2k9g3 in Bratislava and Georgij Bagdasarov in St. Petersburg.

UCHOKO concert
03. May 2008 21h, Trojka café in Kunštát, CZ_Brno
Selectone , Floex (Tomáš Dvořák) (CZ), Liba (CZ), Duo Lahoda (CZ)
Hucot, o.s.
concert, streaming

Jeho doménou je ambient a experimentální elektronická hudba s přesahy do noise, clicks'n'cuts a downtempa. Pro jeho hudbu je typická filmově imaginativní, temná atmosféra, umocněná vrstvami drones, field recordings a častou absencí beatů.

Floex&Liba + Duo Lahoda
Speciální projekt přímo pro UCHOKO: meotarovou dvojprojekci skupiny Duo Lahoda živě doprovodí hudební improvizací Floex a pianista Liba.
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