Home Venue: FaVU VUT, Infocentrum MTP Brno
Members participating at MTP: Lenka Kočišová aka Akkamiau (CZ)
Filip Cenek, Gabriel Abrantes, Radoslav Zrubec Přibližuji, zvětšuji Instalace domácího kina se dvěmi diaprojektory v asynchronní smyčce a diy reproduktory Galerie Kabinet, Radnická 4, Brno Otevřeno v pracovní dny 10-18 hodin Výst, STANDBYE
The Faculty of Fine Arts at present offers education in seven artistic disciplines: painting, sculpting, graphics graphic design, industrial design, conceptual tendences, VMP (video multimedia performance). Each of these disciplines has two ateliers in the school. The association of the Faculty of Fine Arts with technologically oriented faculties is a precedent in Czech republic and it had influenced the focus of certain disciplines towards creative linking of technology and art. The Faculty of Fine Arts is relatively small and the teaching is mainly individual; every student is being trained as an individual in a different way.

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