Beer Barrel Polka Teremin Reunion
25. April 2008, public space, CZ_Prague
Miloš Vojtěchovský (CZ)
Mlok, Institute of Intermedia
performance, streaming
BBTeremin Polka Reunion is a sound and space intervention in the public domain. It consists of as many as possible players playing together the accordion and teremins. It is situation for indeteremied number of performers in Prague, Las Vegas, Mexico, New York, or any other city or villages.
The Internet broadcast will rejoin the single players or groups in different locations and cultural contexts.

Round square or Dejvice square with large park in the middle offers the possibility of gathering of crowd of people playing accordeon or don´ t play accordeon or teremin.
Technical infrastructure offers the possibilty to stream sound and image on internet

Musical theme is the international evergreen Beer Barrel Polka, aka Skoda lásky, composed by Jaromír Vejvoda in 1927.
Under the name Beer Barrel Polka became during the second world war this song a symbol of democratic alliance against the Nacis and Totality.

The concert of accordion players is joined by sound of teremin a first electronic musical instrument, conected with rather different cultural framework.
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