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Wed Feb 14 00:36:28 CET 2007


pocas multiplace sa bude v rotterdame konat deaf festival.
tema je postavena tak ze dnesny svet tvoreny medialnymi sietami
cloveka nuti k interaktivite, inak neprezije. no tato interakcia
nema jednoliaty efekt, ale paradoxne vedie k diverznym vysledkom.

..znamena to nieco?

v programe nie je okrem slovinskej ljudmily nikto z vychodnej europy,
chystaju streamy, tak si mozno budeme moct nieco naladit aj v multiplace


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Subject: [spectre] V2_ | DEAF07- Interact or Die!
From:    "V2_" <press at v2.nl>
Date:    Mon, February 12, 2007 12:52 pm
To:      spectre at mikrolisten.de

*Dutch Electronic Art Festival, April 2007

DEAF07: Interact or Die!
 From 10 through 29 April 2007, the eighth Dutch Electronic Art Festival
(DEAF) will take place in Rotterdam. This international festival is 
organized every two years by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media. It 
will be the first event to take place in the fully renovated Las Palmas 
cultural center in Rotterdam’s Kop van Zuid area. This year’s theme is
 Interact or Die!

DEAF features an extensive program addressing art, technology, science 
and society, with a large exhibition of interactive art as a focal  point.
This year’s festival will devote special attention to China.  Visitors
will also be able to enjoy concerts, performances, seminars,  workshops
and a symposium. DEAF07 is the definitive event at which the 
international ‘creative city’ network comes together.
25 Years of V2_ *
Organizer V2_, which has developed DEAF into an important international 
festival for art and media technology, turns 25 years old this year. One 
of the DEAF07 theme nights will accordingly be devoted to V2_’s 
anniversary. A part of the festival program will also focus on the 
network V2_ has built in China and Asia over the past few years. Young 
artists and exhibition makers from China, along with several key members 
of the Chinese art world, will play an active role at DEAF.

*The Main Location: Las Palmas *
DEAF07’s main venue is the Las Palmas cultural center, a renovated 
building which once housed workshops for the Holland America Line. It is 
located in the Kop van Zuid area of Rotterdam. DEAF07 is the first 
festival to take place in the renovated Las Palmas, which will
officially be opened on 18 April by a very distinguished guest. DEAF’s 
other locations include the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, V2_, Ro 
Theater, Pakhuismeesteren, and Arminius.

More information on the Dutch ElectronicArt Festival (DEAF07) can be 
found on our site: http://www.deaf07.nl .

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