The Nitra Gallery / Bunker

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EVENTS: Soundbus / nomadSPACE (26. April 2008 19h, A4 - Zero Space28. April 2008 20h, Europa Culture Centre29. April 2008 17.30h, The Nitra Gallery / Bunker30. April 2008, 13 kubikov02. May 2008 20h, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie03. May 2008 19h, A4 - Zero Space), Parasite (29. April 18h – 18. May 2008, The Nitra Gallery / Bunker), (29. April 2008 18.30h, The Nitra Gallery / Bunker)
Župné nám. 3
949 01 Nitra

BUNKER provides a multifunctional space for young alternative art in a very distinctive and unconventional environment, a former underground civil defense shelter of the gallery.

One of the main goals is aimed at establishing an international platform focused especially on the region of Central Europe. This experimental platform will present results of creative dialogues between artists from different spheres, like visual arts, theatre or music.

The activities of BUNKER include exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, concerts etc. The key program is the Gallery of Young Curators, a project which supports beginning curators, gives them an opportunity to realize their exhibition projects.

BUNKER is open to all projects, ideas and initiatives in the field of contemporary art.

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