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- 31-03HIT Gallery, BAexhibition
GYATAM water sonic experiment
KARTEL / HIT Gallery, Bratislava
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AUVID sound research system - Ales Killian a Ladislav Zelezny (cz)

curator: Mira Keratova
support: Czech Centre

Auvid /sound research system/ is a group, which focuses on research of acoustic vibrations and their compositions to the new systems. Their research is oriented on perception of music in the sense of sound in general, connected to the human perception.

Gyatam is a multifunctional vibrational tub, which uses special developed musical compositions to create a acoustic bath for the body and mind by attaining an acoustic mass which is created in the tub through sound vibrations and transmitted through underwater speakers. Sound vibrations are transmitted to the vibration bathtub by means of six loudspeakers that are linked to the amplifier with six separate sound channels. The sound device unit includes a surround technology, i.e. the device to control six separate sound tracks. The water musical compositions through the interference of various acoustic frequencies can produce an inaudible binaural vibration which is totally transmitted through the acoustic mass of the phenomenon, frequency following response, allows for active brain wave resonance through sound which simultaneously provide energy for brain through ears.