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02-045.3opmCzech Centre, BAlecture / presentation
Pavel Vancat (cz): Festival IN OUT and contemporary video art / Michal Pechoucek (cz): Picture in Picture
Czech Centre, Bratislava
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PAVEL VANCAT is a main curator of the Festival of the digital image IN OUT, Praha (

MICHAL PECHOUCEK is a winner of the Jindrich Chalupecky award 2003

During several years Michal Pechoucek appears to be among the leading persons of the contemporary Czech art scene. He was born on the February the 21st 1973 in Duchnov. He studied at Art School of Vaclav Hollar, department of the illustration and graphic arts which after two years has left for Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. First he studied the department of classical graphic art techniques of Jiri Lindovsky, then department of visual communication of Jiri David. Since the beginning he drawned the attention with his technically advanced color lino-cuts for which he used the motifs taken from photographs.
Later he became to be preocupied with unusual techniques, which he applied in the frame work of the media of painting – broidery on the canvas, painting on layered net braid or glass etc. In spite of enormous succes in those fields he has left them for photography and video. At the same time he is leaving formal experiments and he is more concentrated on the content of the statement and storytelling.
Petr Ingerle