MULTIPLACE 2007 / festival sieťovej kultúry / network culture festival / 13 - 22 04 2007
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Multiplace 2007
Home Venue: MTP Infocentre Bratislava
MTP6 Production: Zuzana Černáková (SK), Mária Rišková (SK), Peter Pankúch (SK), Viera Levitt (SK/US), Dušan Barok (SK/CZ/DE), Magdaléna Kobzová (SK/CZ), Barbora Šedivá (SK/CZ), Slávo Krekovič (SK) (research, program), Katarína Balážiková (SK), Braňo Matis (SK/CZ)
Multiplace Infocentre, Total Multiplace Party, Second Life (streaming), I Would Like That – Multiplace Infocentre Brno, Open Stage, Multipis (co-organiser), Multiplace Is Open (co-organiser)
Multiplace started in 2002 as a coordinated event organised by people who had common interest in presenting new forms of creativity. Multiplace is network of people and organisations interested in interaction between media, technologies, art, culture and society. Network activities culminate every year into the festival, that is happening parallely at several locations in the world. Its program is open to workshops, installations, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, presentations, screenings and especially new forms of creativity. Original focus on the new media culture has been evolving since 2002 and besides the technological aspect of digital media in art, the focus shifted also to questions related to its aesthetical, social, cultural, legal and political issues. The aim of the festival-network Multiplace is to create the fertile ground for media art, to support the creativity in an open and collaborative environment and to encourage critical reflection on the life in the culture shaped by technologies. Multiplace NGO was founded in 2004.
zuzana cernakova
babuta sediva
maria riskova
magda kobzova
slavo krekovic
miting 22.4.2007
miting 22.4.2007
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