MULTIPLACE 2007 / festival sieťovej kultúry / network culture festival / 13 - 22 04 2007
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Fléda Club
Home Venue: Fléda Club
Members participating at MTP: Prokop Holoubek
HEINER MÜLLER: HAMLETMACHINE , ITCH MY HA HA HA , , Itch My Ha Ha Ha, Anywhere But Here / Show 3 (co-organiser)
Fleda Club, run by the Level B production company, is a cultural centre situated in the centre of Brno. It started in 2001 and it belongs today among the tree biggest and best-known clubs in the Czech Republic.
In the beginning of the 20th century, it was a famous cabaret and dance hall, later it served as a TV studio for the Czech Television for thirty years. Today it is an attractive multi-functional club space oriented on the presentation of progressive trends in contemporary culture on the international level. The main dramaturgical focus is on realisation of a wide spectrum of events – concerts of Czech and international artists, dance parties, screenings and theatre performances (e.g. the festival of unusual music and films New New!, presentation of a collection of films from the Anna Sanders film productions, theatre performances of the SkRAT theatre, of the puppet theatre Ceskoslovensko and many others...)
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